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Lean Practitioner

Earn our Lean Practitioner certificate by completing the following one- and two-day seminars. Any class in this series can be taken individually without any obligation to take the others, but do consider the benefit of studying this subject in more depth than just one session. Learn more about individual courses by clicking on the links below.

Kaizen: Learning to Improve the Lean Way - April 26 and May 10

Value Stream Management - October 25

Lean Daily Management - March 1 (Winter class), May 31 (Spring class)

Standard Work: Becoming a Lean Leader - March 18 (date change for Winter class), June 14 (Spring class)

The Visual Workplace - March 22 (Winter class), June 21 (Spring class)


Although continuous quality programs have been used with some success for quite a number of years, Lean Process Improvement, modeled on the Toyota Process System (TPS), makes available to today’s companies/organizations the most comprehensive system yet for reducing cost and installing quality across the entire company.

Lean employs the concepts of process flow, waste reduction and the Value Stream Map to insure that all work in process is visible to everyone and measurable.

Lean uses all the players in the Value chain: customers, employees and management to harness the full potential of all available resources.

This seminar delivers the lowest cost Lean installation by eliminating the need for expensive consultants and high fees. By training your employees to conduct Lean on-site you will insure that continuous quality will become permanent and self-sustaining.

Lean installation in your company will result in at least a 50% reduction on total cycle and lead times.

Lean will dramatically reduce your costs and increase the net present value of your firm.

Lean will vastly improve employee morale and retention by engaging them as knowledge partners in the enterprise.

Course Content
This half day seminar will cover the basic components of installing Lean in a department, program or project from how to map the process flow using Value Stream Mapping (VSM) to how to conduct a Kaizen or Quality event at your company.

Each participant will come away with complete understanding of how to apply Lean and will be given the additional resources required to train company team members in the process.

The seminar will include exercises and simulations in VSM, project and Lean team selection, creating a Standard Work assessment, seeing the Flow, and identifying waste.

Companies that use Lean
The companies currently employing Lean process improvement are too numerous to mention. Some locals are: Boeing, Lazy-boy furniture, the Oregon Department of Human Services and a number of our Community Colleges.